3D Digital Game Art Design

Learn the various game design roles, responsibilities of designers, production methods and development stages. Understand and utilize the art fundamentals to be used to create Game Art. Learn the fundamentals of Light, Color and Perspectives. Understand and learn the importance of narrative elements in games which helps in designing strong characters, intriguing worlds and compelling stories.

3D Digital Game Art Design.

Learn to Create a Game Design Document (GDD) using the tools, techniques and practical advice. Create your own Game Character designs by learning from practical character-design example for an existing game. Explore and understand the theory behind Game Design and the creation of mechanics that are fun to play. You will learn about the roles of conflict, combat systems, game complexity, and depth.

ABOUT THE 3D Digital Game Art Design COURSE

Learn and utilize to Create 3D Game Character Model in Blender. Create an efficient, unified UV map of the Game Character, using texturing tools to create the Character’s clothes, sculpt tools to create high-resolution hair of the Character. Then you learn to bake a normal map in Blender and apply the textures to the Game Character model. Understand and utilize how to create a complete rig of a Game character from the ground up.

Learn to use Grease Pencil tools to animate both a 2D face and a 3D body at the same time. Using this technique, you will create the character’s Idle, Run and Jump animations, ready to be used in Unreal Engine. Learn to set-up the Character in Unreal Game Engine, besides how to apply third-party animations onto our character. Create a 3D Game Art Portfolio.


10+2 (Any stream) / Under graduates

Course Duration – 16 Months

(2 hours a day for 3 days a week) (Complete this course quickly by attending extra hours of classes)

Career Options

VFX Compositor, VFX Designer, 3D Asset Artist, Rotomation Artist, Roto & Roto-prep Artist, Matchmoving Artist, Video Editor

3D Digital Game Art Design Courses Modules

  • Introduction to Game Production Process
  • Art for Games
  • Light, Color & Perspective Fundamentals
  • Game & Stories
  • Game Design Documentation
  • Designing Game Characters
  • Game Mechanics
  • Concept Design for Game Character
  • Game Level Design - Process & Practices
  • Concept Design for Game Environment
  • Introduction to Game Engine
  • Game Concept Art Portfolio
  • Introduction to Blender
  • Game Asset Modeling
  • Retopology of Game Asset
  • Texturing of Game Asset
  • Game Character Modeling
  • UV Mapping, Texturing & Sculpting
  • Game Character Rigging
  • Game Character Animation
  • Character Setup in Game Engine
  • 3D Game Art Portfolio

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